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About the American Language Program

American Language Program Caroline Carpenter

When the American Language Program began at California State University, Fullerton almost 30 years ago, our goals and principles were simple but important: We wanted to help students from all over the world become successful university students here in the United States by not only teaching them the English language, but also by teaching them how to use it properly within the context of American culture.

Even in the fast-moving global community of modern higher education, these principles still apply, and they’re still the cornerstone of ALP’s programs. And just as important as ALP’s guiding principles are the people behind them, always here to support students at every step. We also make sure to assess our students’ progress throughout the program as they as they become confident communicators and critical thinkers, moving beyond vocabulary toward the productive use of English at the highest level. We call it Word Knowledge, and our faculty literally wrote the book on it.

We’d like to think our students never really leave the program – in fact, many go on to become students at Cal State Fullerton, and some have even become part of our faculty – but when they do, they leave ready to achieve their educational goals. In short: ALP is not a destination – it’s simply one step in a longer journey, and we’d be honored to guide you through this part of it.

Caroline Carpenter, Ph.D.
Director, American Language Program
Associate Dean, International Programs & Global Engagement and University Extended Education

Our Advisors

ALP offers academic advisors for students in our program and Conditional Admission advising for students looking to enter California State University, Fullerton as a matriculated student. Please click on an advisor’s photo to learn more or to book an appointment to meet with them.

Our Faculty

ALP’s faculty represent a wide range of diverse academic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. All of our faculty members hold master’s degrees, and many are leading authorities in English-language education for international students.

To learn more about each faculty member’s languages spoken, interests and other information, please click on their photos below.

ALP Accreditation

ALP is a member of English USA, the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP), an organization that promotes professional standards of quality in English programs; as well as University and College Intensive English Programs (UCIEP), an independent consortium of university and college-administered intensive English programs in the United States.

 the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP)

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