ALP’s Academic English Program (AEP) develops fluency in academic English and builds the skills required to become a successful student at an American school. Our program focuses on critical thinking skills—key for all academic areas—and offers electives aligned with business and engineering subject areas.

Orientation and Advising

Our goal is to ensure that all AEP students are comfortable studying on an American campus and living in the United States. In addition to preparing students for success in the classroom, the first week includes a campus tour and instruction on topics related to living in America, such as how to maintain visa status, use the on-campus health center and medical insurance, and get a driver's license.

Throughout the semester, advising is available for AEP students. Advisors can help with academic progress and other issues that might arise while living in America.

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Program Placement

When you arrive on campus, you will take a placement test to ensure that you study at the appropriate language level.

Upper-level students will choose elective classes in various academic subjects, including business and engineering. These courses provide ideal preparation for students hoping to enter Cal State Fullerton’s business and engineering colleges.

Advanced students will also have the opportunity to enroll in Cal State Fullerton classes, where they will earn credit toward their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Courses and Electives

Your classes will feature lessons in academic grammar, composition, reading and oral language. In addition, we offer classes that will help you learn research methods, study skills, and test-taking strategies. Availability of electives will vary based on your placement test scores: Students in Levels 1, 2, and 3 will focus on their core English skills, while those in Level 4 will be able to choose one elective, and those in Levels 5 and 6 will be able to choose two electives. In addition, students in Levels 5 and 6 can take Cal State Fullerton classes for credit.

To see sample schedules and available electives for each level, you can expand the links below.

Sample Weekly Schedule
Composition 6 hours
Reading 6 hours
Vocabulary 3 hours
Grammar 3 hours
Oral Language 3 hours

Sample Weekly Schedule

Composition 6 hours
Reading 6 hours
Grammar 3 hours
Vocabulary 3 hours
Elective 3 hours

Level 4 Electives

Intermediate Speak Up Speak Up!

This course builds strong oral communication skills, including fluent conversation, clear pronunciation, and effective presentation. Students have the opportunity for additional practice in listening and note-taking.

Intermediate Pronunciation.jpg Pronunciation

This class supports students in their efforts to improve their pronunciation of American English. Focus on rhythm, sound patterns, sound-symbol correspondences and sentence stress provides guidance on needed improvements. Important Skills: Pronunciation, Speaking, Listening

Intermediate English for Science and Technology English for Science, Technology and Engineering

This elective focuses on the English used in science, engineering and technology through textbook lessons as well as on-campus tours of engineering labs and interaction with CSUF professors in different fields of technology and engineering. Important Skills: Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, TOEFL/IELTS

Intermediate IELTS Test Preparation IELTS Test Preparation

Students learn advanced strategies, skills, and vocabulary useful on the exam. By the end of the course, students will be more aware of the skills necessary to pass the IELTS. Important Skills: IELTS, Reading, Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening, Writing

Intermediate Skills for PBT Skills for PBT

Students focus on the basic strategies and tactics for taking the paper based TOEFL, including skimming, scanning, eliminating wrong answers, guessing, listening practice, reading practice and structure practice. Important Skills: TOEFL, Reading, Grammar, Listening

Advanced IBT Preparations IBT Preparation

This class focuses on intensive practice of the academic skills required for the IBT, including speaking, reading, listening, writing and vocabulary. Students will read texts and listen to lectures in more than 20 academic areas as well as practice with conversation partners.

English through Sports English through Sports

Sports metaphors are pervasive throughout American business and social culture. This class uses sports-related, in-class topics and outside activities like American football, soccer, badminton, table tennis, shot put and softball games to teach you English reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. You do not need any prior knowledge of sports or athletic ability.

Sample Weekly Schedule
Composition 6 hours
Reading 6 hours
Vocabulary 3 hours
Elective 3 hours
Elective 3 hours

Levels 5-6 Electives

In addition to electives below, students in Levels 5 and 6 can take California State University, Fullerton classes for credit.

Advanced IELTS Test Preparation IELTS Test Preparation

Students will practice voicing their views on current events, listen to IELTS monologues, sharpen note-taking skills, and practice different IELTS tasks.

Advanced Pronunciation Pronunciation

Students will study the International Phonetic Alphabet and learn about syllables and word stress; intonation and speech rhythm; consonant and vowel sounds; and focus words and thought groups.

Critical Thinking Critical Thinking

Students in this class will learn to evaluate evidence for a position, learn to differentiate between fact and opinion, participate in a debate and give a class presentation based on research.

Advanced Skills for PBT Skills for PBT

This class focuses on the strategies needed to be successful in the paper-based TOEFL exam, including idioms, academic vocabulary and university lecture language. Students will also study advanced reading comprehension skills and learn to identify grammatical patterns and errors.

Advanced IBT Preparations IBT Preparation

This class focuses on intensive practice of the academic skills required for the IBT, including speaking, reading, listening, writing and vocabulary. Students will read texts and listen to lectures in more than 20 academic areas as well as practice with conversation partners.

Seminar on the World Seminar on the World

This course is designed to improve students’ English language skills in the subjects of biology, geography, ecology, anthropology, history, political science and economics by reviewing news articles and analyzing the underlying causes of current events.

Business Correspondence Business Correspondence

In this class, students will learn to prepare business emails and letters, present business concepts in English and create polished profiles for professional networks and social media.

Business Pronunciation Business Pronunciation

Students in this class will work to improve their use and pronunciation of business terms in English as well as develop new listening skills and learn how to self-monitor and self-correct their pronunciation.

Advanced Grammar Grammar

Students in this class will identify and practice using advanced grammatical structures.

American History and Politics American History and Politics

In this class, students will learn about important historical events that have affected American people and their culture. The class is modeled after a university class, and features lectures, discussion, class projects and presentations.

The Titan Experience Titan Experience

In this course, students can improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while working independently and with other Titans in the community and experiencing the wide variety of campus activities and events that CSUF has to offer.

GMAT Verbal and Math Test Prep GMAT Test Prep

This class will prepare students for the GMAT through intensive study of quantitative problem solving, data sufficiency, argument analysis, reading comprehension, critical reasoning, sentence correction and integrative reasoning.

GRE Test Prep GRE Test Prep

This class will prepare students for the GRE, including:

  • Tips and tricks to do well on the test
  • Building your academic vocabulary
  • Learning the structure and organization of essays
  • Practice from real GRE material

Housing Options

There are several housing options to help students create the ideal learning experience while in California, including on-campus housing, off-campus private dormitory, private apartments, Cultural Homestay with an American family, or nearby hotels. Visit our ALP Housing page for more information.

Dates and Costs

Our Academic English Program has five entry points throughout the year and is available in 8- and 16-week sessions. Please note that costs are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions about upcoming semesters beyond those in the chart, please contact us.

  Spring 2017 Spring 2017/
2nd Entry
Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Fall 2017/
2nd Entry
Dates Jan 20–May 19, 2017 Mar 14–July 28, 2017 May 31–July 28, 2017 Aug 18–Dec 15, 2017 Oct 10, 2017–Mar 16, 2018
Tuition $5,152 $5,152 $2,682 $5,152 $5,152
Fees $470 $470 $470 $470 $470
Health Insurance $690.85 $690.85* $237.17* $690.85* $690.85*
Total $6,312.85 $6,312.85 $3,389.17 $6,312.85 $6,312.85

* Health insurance cost is an estimate based on previous year.

Health Insurance: Cal State Fullerton requires international students to have health insurance. To learn more or purchase, please visit our Health Insurance page.

Housing: Housing costs will depend on where a student chooses to live, but range from $3,200–$5,400 during Fall/Spring and $1,600–$3,645 in Summer. Our International Housing office will be happy to help you find your home on or near campus while you study in Fullerton.

Refunds: Please see our Refund Policy page for more information.

AEP Admissions Timeline

Our office is happy to help students as they apply for the program and prepare to live in California. Below is a timeline with the phases of the admissions process. If you have any questions about applying or arriving, please send us a message at any time.

alp chart

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Conditional Admission offers admission to Cal State Fullerton for those who meet academic requirements for a degree but need English study and test preparation.

Conditional Admission

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