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International Programs

Looking to study at Cal State Fullerton as an exchange student?

The University offers students a variety of international exchange opportunities through Cal State Fullerton's bi-lateral exchange programs or International Programs.

What type of student are you?

To study at Cal State Fullerton through International Student Exchange, your home institution must be a Bilateral Program Partner with the University, including exchange through CSU International Programs (CSUIP). Your home institution will work closely with Cal State Fullerton for the careful selection of exchange students. If you have been selected, your home institution will provide your nomination information to CSUF, and you will be contacted with application instructions.
If your home institution is not a Bilateral Program Partner, you can still study abroad with Cal State Fullerton in a unique academic and cultural experience for one or two semesters. Learn more about the University Semester Abroad program .

You are not eligible to participate as an inbound exchange student. California legislation does not allow students with dual U.S. citizenship to use foreign passports for an international exchange program. Please review the California State University Chancellor's Office Executive Order No. 605 (PDF) to learn more.

Note: If you are a Cal State Fullerton Student interested in outbound exchange opportunities, please view our most up-to-date list of CSUF Bilateral Exchange Programs and CSUIP programs, and talk to an advisor to learn more about the CSUF student exchange process.

Resources for Exchange Students

English Requirements

English Proficiency Test Requirement
Undergraduate 500 PBT, 61 iBT 5.5
Graduate 550 PBT, 80 iBT 7.0

Application Deadlines

Term Date
Fall and Academic Year April 30
Spring August 31


Before arriving to the University, you are responsible for arranging your housing.  The International Housing website can facilitate.  For assistance and more information on finding housing please visit our Housing website.

Health Insurance

In order to meet health insurance requirements for international students, Cal State Fullerton requires all students to purchase the Aetna Student Health Plan provided by JCB Insurance Solutions. You should purchase insurance only after your acceptance has been confirmed and you have received a CSUF Campus-wide Identification (CWID). Insurance is mandatory and no substitutes will be accepted; you may not be able to register for classes without purchasing your health insurance.

Cost & Budget

Program participants must show proof of available funds for support for the entire length of the exchange program. Please review our estimated budget for the spring 2020 semester, fall 2020 semester and academic year 2020-2021. Costs will be updated for spring 2021 semester exchange applicants.

  Undergraduate Graduate
1 semester 2 semesters 1 semester 2 semesters

Nonresident Tuition ($396/unit) and Registration Fees

(enrolled 12 units) 
(12 units per semester)
(enrolled 9 units)
(9 units per semester)

Living Expenses (room and board, books/supplies, variable)

$8024 $18,052 $8,024 $18,052

CSUF International Student Health Insurance*

$842 $1,679 $840 $1,679
Estimated total cost (no waiver) $17,081 $36,172 $16,610 $35,220
Waiver of the State University Fee, Nonresident Tuition and Registration Fees ($8,215) ($16,431) ($7,744) ($15,489)
Estimated Total Cost to Exchange Student granted Tuition and Fees Waiver $8,866 $19,731 $8,866 $19,731

*Health insurance premiums may change each year.

Searching for Classes

An Advisor will assist you with selecting and registering for courses on TitanOnline. More details on the course catalog, schedule of classes, semester unit requirements and impacted and restricted subject area classes are available in our online program brochure.


Students must first be nominated by their home institution before applying. If you have been nominated, you will be contacted with application instructions.