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New Students: Freshmen

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Congratulations on your admission to California State University, Fullerton! This checklist is for new international freshmen who will begin their first semester at the University. Bookmark this page and visit often to successfully prepare for your first semester at CSUF.


Pre-Semester Start Checklist

Please complete all items before the start of your first semester at CSUF. Many items will have to be completed well before the semester starts, so please read the entire list and prepare early.

Step 1: Accept admission and pay the $250 enrollment deposit by May 1st

Admitted freshmen have until May 1st to accept admission and pay the $250 enrollment deposit. If you are admitted after April 15th, you have two weeks from the date of admission, printed on the admit letter, to accept your admission offer. The deposit will be applied to your first semester registration fees. If you do not submit the Intent to Enroll and pay the deposit, it is assumed that you do not plan to attend CSUF and your space will be made available to another student.

For instructions on how to accept your admission and pay the deposit, visit the Admissions and Records webpage on accepting admission.

Sponsored Students: To waive the enrollment deposit, submit a copy of your financial guarantee to International Student Services and allow a few days for processing. After your paperwork has been processed, you must still accept your admission in the Student Portal.

Step 2: Submit financial documents to International Student Services

Submit a completed Financial Affidavit of Support, proof of funding (bank statement or sponsor letter) and a copy of your passport. Please make sure to include your full name and Campus-wide Identification number (CWID) on all documents.

Step 3: Select Form I-20 delivery method

After completing steps 1 and 2, you will receive an email from International Student Services asking for your I-20 delivery preference. Your response is required to have your I-20 ready for delivery.

Step 4: (For students in the U.S.) Transfer your SEVIS record to CSUF

If you have attended or are currently attending a school in the United States, please notify your previous school to transfer your SEVIS record to California State University, Fullerton, School Code: LOS214F00210000. You must transfer your SEVIS record before the start of your first semester at CSUF.

For questions on how to receive your I-20, email the International Student Services. Always include your CWID and full name in your email. 

All new CSUF international freshmen must complete all the steps for the New Student Orientation

There is a Freshman Orientation fee, which is separate from tuition fees. If you are receiving a scholarship from your home government, check with your sponsor to determine if orientation fees are included in your scholarship.

If you have questions about completing all of the steps for the New Student Orientation, send an email to Titan Orientation Programs at

After you receive your I-20 or DS-2019 from California State University, Fullerton, you can begin the process of applying for your U.S. student visa. Students who received an I-20 can apply for an F-1 visa. Students who received a DS-2019 can apply for a J-1 visa. 

Before you apply for a visa, you must first pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. For information on how to apply for a visa and schedule your visa interview, visit the US Department of State's webpage on student visas.

All new international students are required to complete the ISS Online Immigration Module before they begin their first semester. To complete the module, enroll in the module in Titanium and complete the following:

  • View the Immigration Overview video and audio presentation
  • Take the Immigration Quiz and earn a score of 80% or above
  • Read and submit the International Student Agreement

An ISS Hold on your student account will prevent you from registering for classes until you have completed all the requirements of the module. Once completed, please allow 3-5 business days to remove the ISS Hold from your student account.

As part of the university orientation process, you are required to complete the Not Anymore training on how to stay safe at Cal State Fullerton. Complete this training before arrival in order to avoid disruption of access to your Student Portal (including email, Titanium, and your Student Center). To complete the training, please log in here and enter your campus username and password.

For questions about this training requirement, please contact the Title IX and Gender Equity Office at (657) 278-2121 or send them an email.

Log in your Student Portal, click on Student Center, and note any “To Do List” items. Submit your final official transcripts before July 16, 2018 if indicated on your "To Do List."

Submit official transcripts to:
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 6900
Fullerton, CA 92834

Always include your CWID in all documents or communications.

Arrival Date
All first time freshmen international students must arrive in the U.S. before Freshmen Orientation Date. Failure to arrive by the "Program Start Date"  on your Form I-20 may affect your immigration status. Please plan accordingly.

Students who need assistance in finding housing in the U.S., including temporary accommodations, can review available housing options on the International Housing website.

Documents to Bring
When traveling, make sure you have the following with you at all times. Always pack these items in your carry-on bag, not your checked luggage!

  • Valid passport with F-1 or J-1 visa
  • I-20 or DS-2019 signed by school official and by student
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Admissions letter from CSUF
  • Printed I-901 SEVIS fee receipt

Transportation from the Airport to Fullerton
For information about transportation to and from the airport, visit the ISS transportation website. Students should take the shuttle directly to your housing, not to Cal State Fullerton. 

Post-Arrival Checklist

The following items need to be completed soon after arriving in the United States/California State University, Fullerton. Many items are date-specific and required to enroll at the University.


If you have any questions before or after the semester starts, send us a note and a staff member will get back to you soon.

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