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OPT Employer Information

Complete and submit the relevant section(s). You may submit this form multiple times if needed. You will also need to provide a copy of your OPT EAD card to the International Student Services Office either in person (UH 244) or via fax (657-278-7292) if you haven't already done so. Click here to learn more about your OPT reporting obligations. 

While on OPT you are expected to maintain evidence for each job showing it is directly related to your major. Keep evidence of 1) position held; 2) job title; 3) contact information of supervisor; 4) duration of position; 5) job duties or position description. If it is not clear from the job description, obtain a signed letter from a hiring authority, supervisor or manager stating how your degree is related to the work performed.

  • If you are only reporting a change of legal name, mailing address or residential address you will only need to submit our Personal Information Update form within 10 days of the change(s).
  • Complete and submit the No Longer Maintain F-1 Status form to the ISS office (via fax or in person) for either of the following reasons:
    • to report that you are departing the U.S. and forfeiting any remainder of unused OPT
    • to report that you have received a change of status or adjustment of status.