Financial Aid

When you study abroad, take your financial aid with you

You can apply most financial aid to studying abroad if California State University, Fullerton and the host institution approve your academic plans. To obtain that approval, you must arrange for the international institution or U.S. program sponsor to provide confirmation of your full-time enrollment (minimum 12 units/semester for undergraduates, or 9 units/semester for graduates) once you have registered for classes abroad. Confirmation must be sent to the Office of Financial Aid; failure to do so may jeopardize your financial aid eligibility. If your number of credits or course selection changes, report it immediately to both your academic department and the Study Abroad office.

For complete details about applying your financial aid to study abroad programs, please visit the Financial Aid office’s Study Abroad page.

Important: Using Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

Using aid for studying abroad is a contractual obligation. If you withdraw from the program while abroad, or fail to bring back the contracted number of credits within one semester following your study abroad experience, CSUF will place a hold on your student account and require you to repay all or part of the financial aid you received for the program. You’ll be unable to register until this financial aid is repaid in full.

If you attempt to complete the contracted number of credits and fail one or more of the courses, you maintain your financial aid eligibility for the semester abroad, but your subsequent semesters of financial aid may be affected.

In other words, be sure that you know your obligations and what’s required of you before making this important decision. If you have any questions, contact the Study Abroad office.