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Studying abroad over the summer break is a great way to earn credit, get closer to graduation and see the world. With many programs available, there are options for nearly every academic interest and budget.


Summer Session 2019 Programs

To get the most out of your study abroad experience, look for programs that align with your academic/career interests. Below is a list* of current Summer Session programs offered by CSUF departments and University partners, along with a link to the Study Abroad online brochure. The brochure has more information on dates, cost, curriculum and faculty, as well as a link to the application.

* For a complete list of summer program offerings, visit the CSUF Study Abroad Program Portal to search all options. Information on this page is subject to change. The most up-to-date information is on each program’s online brochure.


CSUF: KNES Study Abroad Greece Program
KNES 481 (3 units) and/or KNES 380 (3 units), 381 (3 units) or 499 (3 units)
Total 6 units
Faculty Leads: Professor John Gleaves and Professor Matthew P. Llewellyn


CSUF: Political Philosophy & Peace, War and Conflict in Poland and Germany (Honors)
HONR 302T (3 units), HONR 304T (3 units)
Total 6 units
Faculty Lead: Professor John Gleaves


CSUF: ART Design Innovation Project in Aalborg, Denmark
ART 495 (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor John T. Drew


CSUF: HCOM 320 Summer Session in Greece
HCOM 320 (3 units), COMM 334 (3 units)
Faculty Leads: Professor Jason Teven and Professor Chelsea Reynolds


CSUF: Math in Uzbekistan
MATH 150A (4 units), MATH 150B (4 units), MATH 250A (4 units), MATH 250B (4 units)
Total 8 units
Faculty Leads: Professor Zair Ibragimov and Professor Hassan Yousefi


CSUF: Theater in Prague
Faculty Lead: Professor Fred Kinney


CSUF: MGMT 449 in Singapore and Thailand
MGMT 449 (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Lorenzo Bizzi


CSUF: CLST Global Learning Experience
EDSC 599 (3 units), EDSC 499/599 (1 unit)
Faculty Leads: Professor Grace Cho and Professor Alison Dover


CSUF: COMM Summer International Media Workshops in Florence
COMM 300-90 (3 units), COMM 334-90 (3 units), COMM 426-90 (3 units), COMM 477-90 (3 units), CTVA 375-90 (3 units), CTVA 377T-90 (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Anthony Fellow


CSUF: KNES Study Abroad Program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
KNES 240 (3 units), KNES 482 (3 units), KNES 499 (optional)
Total 6 Units Faculty Lead: Professor Joao Barros


CSUF: Puerto Rico International Education (PRIE) Program, 2019
READ 360 (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Julian Jefferies


CSUF: SPED 371 in Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany
SPED 371 (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Melinda Pierson


CSUF: HUSR Summer Session in Barcelona, Spain
HUSR 496 (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Joe Albert Garcia


CSUF: Geology 410: Physical and Earth Science for Prospective Teachers in Salerno, Italy
GEOL 410 (4 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Larry Rodgers


CSUF: EDSC in Johannesburg, South Africa
EDSC 442M (3 units), EDSC 449S (3 units), EDSC 542M (3 units)
Faculty Lead: Professor Patrice Waller


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