International Programs
& Global Engagement

International Programs & Global Engagement provides international experiences for both California State University, Fullerton faculty and staff, as well as those coming to Cal State Fullerton to study.

Study at Cal State Fullerton

 IPGE at California State University, Fullerton offers five pathways for students, professionals and scholars to study at our University

International Admissions provides assistance to international students (freshmen, graduate and transfer students) seeking a degree from Cal State Fullerton

American Language Program is an intensive English program that prepares students to live in the United States and study at an American university

University Semester Abroad

University Semester Abroad allows any international student to apply to study at Cal State Fullerton for one or two semesters

International Student Exchange is for students looking to study at Cal State Fullerton through one of the University’s Bilateral Exchange Program partners

International Programs & Partnerships provides short-term educational programs that can last from one week to several months

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Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad office can make international study a part of your degree program at California State University, Fullerton.

International Students and Scholars