International Admissions / Student Interview: Sophia Nguyen

Student Interview

AMSE director Dr. Bin Cong

Sophia Nguyen

Degree: BA, Business Administration and Management
Country: Vietnam

“I have so much confidence in my future thanks to all the skills and knowledge I have gained during my college years at CSUF.”

Sophia Nguyen talks about her experience coming from Vietnam to earn a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton.


Why did you pick California State University, Fullerton?

I picked CSUF because of its affordable tuition; high rankings and honors; and great location. I also received a lot of recommendations from my friends who graduated from the University. They've had great experiences and quality education during their time at Cal State Fullerton.

Was it easy making friends?

It wasn't easy at first, since I wasn't confident in my English and I didn't have enough courage to start a conversation with Americans. But then I decided to join some clubs on campus. I realized that everyone was so nice, friendly and easy to talk to, and I started to make a lot of friends.

What is it like living in Southern California?

There is nothing that Southern California doesn't have. There are beautiful beaches and hiking sites, so I can go to the beach or hiking anytime. The best thing is I can find Vietnamese food everywhere, and California’s diversity gives me the opportunity to try food from different countries and explore other cultures.

How did you manage your workload as a student?

During my first year, my classes and schedule were pretty overwhelming. However, by joining study groups, going to office hours and using the resources offered by the University, such as the library and tutoring center, I overcame all the difficulties.

How has your overall experience been at Cal State Fullerton?

I've enjoyed every second studying at CSUF and living in California. The University not only gives me a good education, but also prepares me for my future with opportunities and social skills. I would say studying here is the best choice I have ever made.

What’s your next step?

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