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Health Insurance


In order to meet health insurance requirements for international students, Cal State Fullerton requires all students to purchase the Aetna Student Health Plan provided by JCB Insurance Solutions. You may not be able to register for classes without purchasing your health insurance.

Purchase Insurance

How to Purchase

To purchase insurance and enroll in your policy, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Type Cal State Fullerton in the search box.
  3. Select your plan year, student category, and click Go.
    • If you are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree at CSUF, select International Degree Students.
    • If you are participating in the University Semester Abroad or are an Exchange student, select Non Degree USA/Exchange Students.
  4. Scroll down to Get Started. Select your academic level and indicate if you have dependents that will be living with you in the U.S. (a spouse or children). If not, select zero.
  5. Select your coverage term. (The coverage term should correspond with your intended semester of attendance.)
  6. Click Download the Plan Brochure to download and save the details of the health insurance plan.
  7. Read the Important Enrollment Information. If you agree, select Yes, I agree to the above information and click Continue to Next Step.
  8. Create an account, complete the form and pay with a credit card.
  9. Print the confirmation page and save a copy for your records. 

International Student Holds

Degree-seeking international students will have a "International Student Hold" on their student account which can be removed after purchasing valid health insurance. ISS will automatically receive a notification email after your purchase, so there is no additional need to contact our office or JCB Insurance Solutions. Please allow 3-5 business days to remove the International Student Hold from your student account. 

Government-Sponsored Students

Government-sponsored students may be exempt from purchasing the Aetna Student Health Plan from JCB Insurance Solutions if they can provide documentation that their government will be purchasing a U.S. health insurance policy. If you are a government-sponsored student and believe you are eligible for an exemption, contact your financial sponsor to provide our office with an updated financial guarantee. Allow a few days for processing and removal of the hold. 

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Using Your Health Insurance

Please review your health insurance policy details from your plan brochure to learn about using your insurance. Your health insurance policy will help you cover the following expenses:

  • Visits to the doctor, hospital or urgent care
  • Unexpected illness and/or injuries
  • Medicine
  • Medical evaluation
  • Repatriation

Cal State Fullerton’s Student Wellness also provides a variety of low-cost health services for your use.

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Contact Us

Have questions about health insurance? Please send us a note and a staff member will get back to you soon as possible.